Quadbeam Headlight Mod

I used 24" of 16 ga. wire ,automotive relay , three splice connectors , 4 female insulated spade connectors and a 5/16' hole terminal connector.

You will need to take the left headlight assembly out by lifting the two retaining clips to access the wiring.

For those with low beam DRL, just splicing and grounding the solid yellow wire to the bolt in the radiator support behind the turn signal assy. will turn on the low beams anytime the highbeams are on.

In order to have the DRL be high beams only on a reduced intensity high beam DRL system, a relay must be added.

Splice tap the green w/white wire (high beam +) attach to relay "activate +"(#85) , Splice tap the yellow wire attach to relay feed (Normally Open #30) , attach a wire ,or wires, to a good ground and connect it to the relay supply (#87) and to relay "activate - " (#86).

This method grounds the yellow wire only when the highbeams are active.

Image of installed relay
This is the installed relay.