Boise Spring Works Spring kit

This is one half of what comes in the kit. It is unpainted. Black would probably be a good choice, but I painted them Chevrolet red / orange , so the parts would stand out for these photos.

The kit requires removing the "overload leaf" (red arrow) and replacing it with the three thinner leaves.
The overload is just a spacer until the springs are really compressed.

Be sure to support the vehicle safely on jack stands and block the front tires. Then remove the U-bolts and clamp the spring pack before removing the stock center bolt.



Use the clamp to compress the spring pack and tighten the nut on the new center bolt.

Torque the U-bolts to 120 ft.lbs.

This is the completed installation

So far the ride feels just slightly firmer, and it definately raised the rear nearly two inches. I think even after they break in I should have the 1" - 1.5" I was looking for.

For those who are interested in this-

#1-Look for a local spring shop in your area , take the pics that I supplied, and your truck with you. Have them give you a price.

#2-Call Boise spring Works , talk to Russ , let him know you are with the Crewcab website and Brule gave you the number.

Russ has the template now and can put together a kit in less than an hour.

Contact Info: Boise Spring Works (attn: Russ Ward)
                          605 Meadoland DR
                          Boise , ID 83713        TOLL FREE: (800) 585-5332

The springs ride great, almost the same as the factory ride. It definately rides higher in the rear, which takes a bit getting used to.

The advantage to adding multiple leaves , as opposed to one heavy add-a-leaf is that in order to achieve the desired lift in a single leaf they use a hard heavily arched spring. Not only does this apply uneven forces on the factory springs concentrating the load at one point on the stock springs, they are prone to breakage when flexed hard. In order to keep prices low they usually only build a 2.25" leaf , so it will fit anything from imports to domestics and for a large age range. Our spring pack is 2.5".

By using the three leaf kit, the spring rate is progressive and evenly distributed as load increases. Also allowing for better ride characteristics.

The disadvantage is that you are buying six leaves.

This kit does include new U-bolts too. They are 9/16" and heavier than the stock ones (safety first!). the stock ones would have almost been long enough, but I'd recommend these over OEM.

Kit includes 6 springs, 4 u bolts with nuts and washers, and 2 3/8" center bolts with nuts

Long leaf length: 25 inches (13/12 with short side forward)

Middle leaf length: 19 inches (10/9 with short side forward)

Short leaf length: 12 inches (6/6 centered pin)