For Sale, My V8 Crewcab

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For Sale, My V8 Crewcab

Postby ApproachMedium » Wed Jan 17, 2018 12:24 pm

As many of you in the forums have seen my crewcab progress over the years I have once again entertained the idea of selling it. I plan to also sell my 2007 GTI and replace both vehicles with one. So if anybody is interested in a pristine volkswagen with air ride, boy do i have a deal for you!

The truck just had new headers and motor mounts installed as the stuff we put in when the v8 swap was done, failed because the motor mounts were too soft for this application. It now has energy suspension mounts which should keep it from making any damage. The truck comes with a clean title and any spare parts I have at home for it. The only thing I will not include is the railroad radio.

5.7 LT Vortec swap Motor was installed at 260k with 125k on motor from pulled truck. Body and frame have 306k
All electronics are working except for the ABS which i believe is a bad sensor. Sensor included.
A/C works/heat works all new components for A/C.
LS package with all factory crew cab options. Leather seats, full power heated on both front seats. No tears in the vinyl or leather
Overhead console upgraded to full DIC with fuel econ homelink etc.
Tow package
Heavy duty spring package from the factory. Rear leafs do not sag even with a 2,000lb trailer on the hitch it only dropped a few inches at most. Front torsen bars replaced with V8 swap 2100lb each per spring, the highest GM sells for the crew.
30 inch BF Goodrich all terrain KO2 tires installed last year 5,000 miles on the tires. Mounted on ZR5 wheels
ZR2 Rear axle came out of truck with 89k
Full LED light conversion on the entire truck. The only incandescent bulb is the under hood light.
XS power heavy duty deep cycle AGM battery.
Pioener sound system with 250w Class D bazooka behind the rear seat. Sound system has been in the truck since I got it, and never once gave me any issues.

This truck has lots and lots of things that were changed over the last few years for regular maintenance items. I have confidence to drive it all the way to michigan and back from NJ so I would have no problem driving it someplace far to sell it. It would probably give somebody many many more years of reliable service, but it is not for the faint of heart. If you are going to take this one on, you need to be willing to work with something that is modified extensively. There is plenty of info online about stuff to do with the V8 swap and plenty of others who have done it. I would be more than willing to go over all of the little maintenance quirks with whoever buys the truck. Things like you cant just buy regular wire sets for it. You hvae to buy a kit from summit and crimp your own ends on. Its not difficult, but its not something you can get at autozone. The oil filters i have part numbers written down for ones that will fit. The filter goes right on the motor, but to get it on you need one that is small enough to fit between the driveshaft and exhaust pipe unless you want to keep taking the front driveshaft off the yoke to change the filter. The truck does leak oil, but what GM does not. The leaks are not too bad and nothing beyond what most of these S10s with a 4.3 would do anyways. The truck has a 7qt oil pan and i only change it out with Mobile 1 synthetic. Any questions, feel free to ask.

i am going to start whatever listing for this at $6500. The v8 swap alone costed me almost $5000 parts and labor as we replaced a lot of things when the truck was apart to ensure it would be reliable for many years forward.
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