warm misfire

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warm misfire

Postby z28 » Tue Aug 08, 2017 7:09 pm

Lets see if anyone else has had this problem. My truck has a misfire when warm on the second start. If i go out and start it in the morning it runs fine. I can drive where im going with no issue. Once i shut it off then restart it, it has a horrible misfire and lack of power. It had a P0300 random misfire code for cylinder 3. Some times the SES light blinks when the engine is under load. I replaced cap rotor and plug wires as they showed some wear. I checked the plugs they all look fine and are not that old. This did not help. I cleaned the MAF, throttle body and IAC. I even tried a different MAF. I tried unplugging one 02 at a time and noticed no change. I also ran it with no cat, still no change. Any ideas would be appreciated. Im not sure where to go from here and i dont want to throw a bunch of unnecessary money and parts at this thing.
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