Performance Accessories 2" Body Lift #192:

    There are suspension lifts and body lifts. The body lift raises the actual body off the frame using spacers to fit between the mounting points.
     Body lifts do not affect the suspension or the ride of the truck. It will not void the warranty but some dealers will not want to fix your truck if they can blame it on the body lift.
     The main purpose of the body lift is to raise the fender wells high enough to fit bigger tires underneath the body without rubbing. Also it looks better!
    GM builds all its trucks low to the ground so they can be proud to boast a low roll-over ratio. They think saftey first. I think they sacrifice good looks with our crew cabs by creating a low center of gravity.

    You can get the kit from any 4-wheel drive store and it will costs you around $125. It can take anywhere from 6 to 15 hours to put on. Basic hand tools and a drill will do the job.

    This mod can be done by yourself or with a friend. It is a big but simple project. Even if you aren't a mechanic but are mechanicly inclined, you will probably do just fine as i did.

     The kit does come with instructions that are complete and cover every step. We also have them available to download here : PAbodylift.PDF

Also use the BDS installation instructions as a reference: BDS body lift installation. PDF

    The kit does include the bumper mounting brackets.


  • Follow the instructions step by step and do not skip a step! they are in a order on purpose.
  • It is best not to cut the gas tank filler tube and install the extension. Loosen both upper and lower clamps , adjust the hose for maximum length, re-clamp. It will be snug, but should allow installation of the bodylift.
  • When your kit arrives at your house, check all the parts to make sure they are there. Mine didnt have all the parts! (you may have extra parts)
  • Leave you a few days to complete it, just in case you run into a snag.
  • Be prepared to drill holes into brackets when they dont fit.
  • Don't put the air filter back together before you fix mount the upper and lower shrowds. The instructions have that one backwards.
  • Make sure to dismount the lower fan shrowd off of its stock mounts on the bottom. you will not use them anymore. That is left out of the instructions too.
  • When raising the bed, before wrenching down on the bolts, make sure that the spare tire lift mechanism still lines up with the rear bumper.
  • Have somebody watch the wires to the pcm while lift it.

Side Note:

    This kit will make you take your tow hooks off the front. It is up to you how you go about putting them back on.
    There are many ways of doing this: mounting spacers below the frame and have the tow hooks sit below the valence, putting 2" spacers inside the frame and raising the tow hooks up to wear they fit in the valence before the 2" lift, mounting hang down towhooks off other chevy models, cutting the valence out, and of course taking the valence off.

    Here is what I did. I mounted the hooks on the bottom of the frame with no spacers, then I cut the valence around the hooks. I think it looks good and if anything will take a beating in the front it will be the tow hooks instead of the valence.


Still taking it apart at 2am.
The sunday after its done!