Black Iron Pipe Laptop Mount Installation


I ordered a laptop mounting kit off Ebay.They advise the buyer's that they can be modified with parts from your local hardware store.
This could probably be put together cheaper if you could gather all the parts, as well as have the tools to cut, drill and countersink holes in plexiglass.

This is what you get!

I added these items...

Bottom side of laptop shelf.

I removed the conical grey bolt cover on the inboard front of passenger seat, the darker grey horizontal trim beneath the front of the passenger seat and the trim over the passenger's forward outboard seat mounting bolt trim. Both the conical cover and the trim on the other front seat bolt molding is removed by pulling straight up. The horizontal trim is removed with an allen wrench. removing one screw on each end. I used a 15 MM socket to remove the inboard seat nut but, had to use a 15 MM box end ratchet wrench on the outboard one. Non-power seats may be different.

I left the rear seat bolts untouched.I used two stainless screws and lock nuts to mount the base to the metal strap which I bolted down under the seat mount. No holes were drilled through the floor board but, I wouldn't hesitate to do so.

Next, I just played with different lengths of pipe and number of angles to get a good compromise position. I recommend checking things like seat movement, climate controls, audio access and to make sure it is clear of an airbag deployment.

The "Quick Disconnect" is about 4 " up from base.

$43.00 bucks and 45 minutes later you have a laptop mount installed.

*Submitted by Reed Wetter