Aluminum Locking Bed Cover
submitted by Hobie

Many of use search for after market bed covers. One that John found was actually sold at the dealer. I ordered it from It is the Aluminum Locking Bed Cover. The part number is #12497483. You can order it off the web or from your dealer.

It's easy to install and it locks up nice. It comes with instructions and takes about 30 mintues to install. You must need a pop rivet gun for the installation. With s&p, I paid 462 to my door.

So far the cover has been study and durable. It will only let in water at the end where the tail gate is. Personally, I think it keeps out almost 99% of the rain. I have been in storms where nothing in my bed was wet.

The best feature I like about this bed cover, it will fold back for large loads. Its that easy! and if you ever had to take it off, just unclip the c-clamps and then install it later when needed. I would surely recommend this bed cover.