Overhead Console Wiring Harness Instructions:

Im not going to explain how to remove the radio or dash fascia panels. If you are putting in a console Im going to assume you know how to do this . Make sure to disconnect the battery before starting this project.

The harness has one or two wires (depending on style) that are the reference point. They need to be on the left hand side of the steering column. See picture. These wires are (yellow/data bus & light green/temp sensor)

Pull the console end of the harness up and out of the dash at the windshield pillar beside the existing overhead harness. This may be easier if you loosen the fuse panel & move it out of the way. Route it behind the clips so it wont rattle & is out of the way. These can be removed with a flat blade.

Pull the drivers side sun visor and route the upper part of the harness behind the sun visors to the center of the truck. Plug that end up to the console & we are ready for the fun part.

Back under the dash. Take the remainder of the harness & fish it under the steering column and back into the dash to the right of the column. It will be easier if you remove the bolts that hold the dash bracket in place. You can see the silver bracket Im referring to just behind my hand.

It will take a little time & some patience to get it routed and into the center part of the dash. Just go slow, take your time & make sure not to get the wires hooked on anything.

This is the existing radio plug.

Stick a screwdriver between the two plugs & separate them.

We have to pull the green wire out of the white plug & place it into the new harness. To do this you first have to pop up the retaining tab. I use an eyeglass screwdriver to do this.

Now that the tab is up we can release the locking tab on the pin itself. I have a GM tool for doing this but a heavy paperclip will work fine.

Place this wire in the blue female half of the new harness & plug the green wire from the new harness into the existing plug.

Lock both of the plastic tabs on both the blue plug & the white plug and snap the two blue plugs together.

Snap the new harness black plug to the white one in place of the factory one and plug the factory black plug into the back on the new harness.

Tuck the new harness into the area to the right of the heater vents & make sure the antenna lead is out of the way of the radio rear support.

Stuff the radio back in place and crawl under the drivers side of the dash.

Here we will plug the yellow wire into the data bus connector. The connector should be taped the OBDII wiring. Snap the plug open and lock the yellow wire into any one of the vacant spots on the connector.

The light green wire needs to make its way to the engine bay. You will have to make a slit with a knife in the main engine/body rubber boot to slide it through. Spray the connector on the end on the wire down with a little WD40 to let it slide better through the boot. You can see it just above the arrow in the picture above and in the picture below.

Route the wire down the side of the truck towards the grill & the in front of the radiator to the center of the grill. Undo the blue clip from the connector with the black wire attached to it. Snap the light green wire into the connector & snap the blue retainer back into place. Find a spot out front to attach the black wire for ground and plug in the air temp sensor to the connector.

Reconnect the battery. Turn the key to the on position & make sure the console powers up.

If you have any questions, would like to order a harness, or host this file on another server please email me at Nwhitaker@AstoneFabricators.com or ArisaLT4@hotmail.com

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