Lubing Front Suspension/Steering


Just give each balljoint , Idler and tie-rod end a couple shots of grease every oil change. You can watch the grease boots (dust covers) and see them fill (balloon) I wouldn't overfill them just keep them full.

There are eleven grease zerks on the frontend, and you may find it easier to change the two inner tierod link zerks to 90* fittings.

Here is the list of grease fittings:

  • Upper ball joint #1 Left - #2 Right
  • Lower ball joint #3 left - #4 right
  • outer tie rod link #5 left - #6 right
  • inner tie rod link #7 left- #8 right
  • Steering box ball #9
  • Idler arm ball #10
  • Idler shaft #11