Relocating IAT

This is the kit I used to relocated the IAT sensor from Jet Performance. It cost me $39.99 from Item number 561-61620.

Moving your air temperature sensor (IAT) closer to the filter will allow it to get a cooler temp reading. It provides the engine management system with an air temperature signal, which is necessary for its fuel calculations. While the mass airflow meter (MAF) measures the actual volume of air entering the engine (an important component for the fuel and ignition timing map), the IAT performs a much different task. Its job is to help the computer calculate the density of the air being metered through the MAF and then signal to the engine management computer what sort of trim to apply to the fuel injector pulse. Basically the hotter the intake air, the less oxygen it contains and therefore if a fixed amount of fuel were being injected, the richer the engine would run. Conversely, in colder conditions when the air is denser and contains more oxygen, more fuel is required to prevent a lean condition. After moving the sensor it will read as much as 20 to 30 degrees cooler

First locate the sensor in the Air tube which it should be just before the MAF sensor

Remove the factory wire connection and leave the factory IAT sensor in place. and find a new location on the intake tube closer to the filter.

Drill a 3/4" hole into the intake tube and insert the sensor grommet and new sensor that Jet Performance provides. Plug in the wire that Jet provides to the factory plug, then route the wire using zip ties to secure the wires to the new sensor.

I could tell a difference after the mod was completed. I really liked this mod and would recommend this to anyone that would like to have more power out of their truck.

Submitted by Steven