Cowl Hood Insulation

Items required:
Reflectix Insulation, scissors, 3M tape, alcohol (to clean hood and insulation for the tape), trim tool/flat screwdriver and a clean rag.

To remove the stock insulation you must pull the weatherstripping down towards the firewall, as shown in the photo.

Then remove the OEM insulation fasteners using a trim removal tool or a flat screwdriver.

I purchased a roll of 16" x 25' Reflectix insulation at Lowes for approx. $12. I then used the stock hood insulation as a template to cut the Reflectix insulation.

I used the OEM fasteners to attach the Reflectix to the hood.

The OEM fasteners did not provide enough support to suit me so I used small pieces of the 3M exterior double sided tape to tidy up the final installation.

Now, hot air should be able to escape the engine compartment with the newly exposed vent at the rear of the hood.

Submitted by Reed Wetter