JET Shift Plus "Electronic Shift Improver"
submitted by Larry (aka Torskdoc)

Tools needed:
Flat Head Screwdriver
5/16 box open wrench.
9/32 Socket with Ratchet or Speed handle.
Wire Crimper / Pliers.
Electrical Tape.

Cost was $114 from Summit

I installed it a bit different from what the installation manual says but I got the same result.  Note that Jet says that the Wire Colors may be different.  I didn't find that to be the case with my '02.  HOWEVER if you have a different year they may be.

1.) The clearance between the Trans and the body is a bit close, the Cat is closer than I like to the wiring, and room to make splices is limited, so I decided to make the install completely on top.

2.) Jet has a diagram of the transmission control lines connector and specifies that the unit splices get made to lines "C" & "D" on the plug. Colors  may vary. Mine were Blue/Wht and Red/Blk. HOWEVER, and this is where the CHANGE IS. These lines travel directly up to the PCM and connect on PLUG 2 Connectors 6 & 8. turns out they were the same color although Jet says that some vehicles wires will vary. I wonder how many they've actually changed.

3.) Disconnect the Battery. 5/16 Box/open.

4.) Disconnect the PCM from it's mount (use the screwdriver)and remove the lower (RED) main connector(9/32 Socket).

5.)Remove the GRAY Wire cover by clamping on the ends and center tabs.

6.) Remove Wrapping tape back far enough to break out the two wires needed (No's 6 & 8 ).
      The wiring is numbered LEFT TO RIGHT and then TOP to BOTTOM 
 ie: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8..................................................................20


7.) Using Scotch Wire connectors Crimp one of the leads(Brown or Purple) from the Jet  to one of the leads(#6 or #8) from the PCM. Doesn't matter which to which.

8.) Crimp the other lead from the jet to the remaining lead from the PCM.

9.) Re-tape wire bundle to cover.

10.) Replace Gray cover on RED connector

11.) Re-connect Red connector to PCM.

12.) Install PCM to Mount.

13.) Using Velcro from kit, attach JET box to top of PCM (see 1st pic).

14.) Turn knob on JET to POSITION 1 (all the way to the left).

15.) Crimp a ring connector to the black wire and attach to a handy GROUND with shiny metal showing.

16.) Crimp a blade connector from the kit to the RED WIRE and using one of the Fuse blades, find a fuse in the Underhood box that is "KEYED" one that is on and off via the key. Remove the fuse and determine which side is cold and attach the blade to the cold side. Install fuse and connect RED Wire.  I used the FrPRK fuse.

Zip tie wires to looms to keep from getting hung up on rotating parts, or burned on hot parts.

17.) Connect battery.

18.) Test Drive.

POSITION #1 STOCK. NO CHANGE NOTED either @ part or Full throttle.

POS #2 What they call Stage 1. Shift's are moderately tighter than position 1 specifically in WOT. Slight improvement in PT shift quality.

POS #3 What they call Stage 2. Shift's in WOT are noticeable but NOT HARSH. Shift quality feels more like a THM 400 with an RV KIT. PT Shift quality is definitely noticeable.

POS #4 What they call Race Stage. HAVE NOT tested.

I did not notice any change in shift points. Having said that, a totally stock transmission in good condition will show some improvement overall due to less slippage during shifts. This unit only changes the shift pressures.  It DOES NOT change shift times. This unit gives a wide range of change/choices, the workmanship is better, and for the newer than 98's you DO NOT have to shut down to change modes.