Laptop Tabletop

This is a simple shelf for the laptop.

It has been very handy even when the laptop is not in the truck.
I used some of the "No-slip" RV shelf liner on top and cut a hole to insert a rubber cup holder. This both holds the liner in place and is nice for not only refreshments, but also small items that I don't want to roll off.

The shelf is a piece of .250 abs. It slips in on top of the CB that I have mounted where the ashtray was located.

I used some single side adhesive foam tape to "grip" and hold it in place.

I countersunk a screw, ran it through the shelf ,triple nutted it and slipped a piece of rubber hose over it to match the inside diameter of the aluminum tube that serves as the leg.

The leg is an aluminum tube mounted with bimini boat top hardware, screwed to the floorboard between the seat and console.The grommets around base of the tubing are to brace it against the center console.Here is what the lower mounting hardware looks like.

Here is a shot from underneath.

The shelf is easily removable and can be stowed in the passenger seat back pocket. The leg can then be folded down along side the console.