Little Desk Mount

Ok I bought this nifty wall mount.. which only holds 2.5 pounds.. they sell beefy ones that hold 8 pounds and are slightly larger but not to excessive.. model AB1-B
web site is Omnimount

The pictures I took below are extremely close up just so you get the idea of how to install it...

click here for pics

Ok first is buy that kit then buy a piece of plexiglass. Mine is 1/4 inch thick. A little over kill , but I think its perfect for the screws .. You can cut it to whatever size you want the table to be. I cut mine 7 1/2 inches by 5 1/2 inches because that is the size of my dvd player.

Step two..
Angle the elbow so it sits just like mine. It comes with the allen wrench and screws too.

Step three..
take your dash plastic piece off. You do this by removing four screws on the drivers side . Just under the steering wheel. Then one in the center of your dash gauges pointing up. If I remember correctly that should be it.. I think there are two more in the ashtray. Then just tug on the piece and it comes off. Your E- brake must be on and the steering wheel to the lowest position and the truck in 1st gear, so that the piece can squeeze out. Remember there are four wire harness you have to remove.

Step four..
If you look at the mounting points for your stereo this is where you want the screws for sturdyness. Put the plastic elbow you bought in step one up to wherever you want it. Make sure wherever you are going to place it there are no wires or screws in your way. You want to drill just between the stereo and a/c mount bolts. Now mark it where you want it. ENSURE YOU MARK THE STEREO AND A/C SO YOU CAN SEE YOUR MARKINGS AFTER YOU INSTALL YOUR DASH PIECE. I marked it with a toothpick and a dab of white out.. (it comes off)

Step five..
put your dash piece back in (make sure you connect everything cause it wont be coming off again.) and look at your markings.. you will now drill with the bit provided through the dash piece and into your marked points.. .. you marked your stereo and a/c since you cant see if you are drilling in a bolt or something important.. those are your guides so you don't hit anything.. now use the screws provided and bolt the elbow piece into place ( personally I felt better drilling one hole then placing one screw in the drill another hole while the piece dangles there. just so you know the holes are in the right place..

Step six..
elbow is now in place. Check if it is sturdy. Ok now place your plexi glass however you want it on the elbow. Remember the elbow swivels! Your table should turn left and right take that into account before drilling holes in the plexi glass.

Step seven..
Drill the two holes into your plexi glass for the other mount and screw the mount into place. Now you should be able to snap the plexi glass top half onto the elbow that is mounted on your dash. If you don't want the top of the table to turn or come off.. remember you have set screws to control all of this.

Step eight..
Put everything else together.

Extra tips.
If you are cutting your plexi glass use a circular saw, or table saw, its quick and easy.. I recommend having someone cut it so it looks real nice. pay careful attention to marking and drilling. you don't want alot of holes in your dash..

Drill , deep well socket and ratchet, screwdriver, marking device, drill bits.

Two hoursif you don't cut the plexi-glass yourself. Add 2 more for measuring and cutting the plexi-glass yourself.