Leaf Helper Spring
submitted by Steven

I purchased the Hel-550 helper springs from www.summitracing.com. They cost about $34 including shipping. They add 550 lbs extra capacity to the hauling of your truck. They are not intended to let you exceed your vehicles towing capacity, but do help on sagging in the rear.

First step is to lift the frame of the truck and allow the leaf springs to stretch till the tires are lifted off the ground. Then aligning the new spring ontop of the existing springs, place the u-bolts around the new spring then the vehicles springs. In the kit is everything you need. At the bottom of the u-bolt is a aluminum bracket that fits in place to lock tight the new Spring. Using a 11/16 wrench and socket you want to tighten the front first. Then moving to the back tighten them to desired tightness. They also recommend and include the extra bolts for double nutting each of the u-bolts.

Once completed, lower the truck and you are ready to go. Don't forget to come back and re-check all the nuts to assure tightness.