Extra Capacity Replacement Radiator


Go/Dan is a subsidiary of , or was bought by Transpro the radiator still has the same part # 431405 under the name Ready-Rad - Catalog - Here's the spec page. The Go/Dan Ind.,or parent company TransPro # 43 1405 replacement radiator has a 1 3/8" core.The stock one is a 1" core.

This is a direct replacement radiator and includes both the engine oil cooler and transmission cooler. All adapter fittings were included, as, or if needed.

Don't worry about the additional 3/8" creating problems, of the extra core thickness 1/2 goes forward. The space between the condensor and radiator is reduced by 3/16".

3/8" doesn't sound like much, but that is 3/4" more surface area per tube. Multiply that times the number of tubes and it does add up.

Transpro was merged with Modine and the new company is Proliance. Part numbers remain the same so far.