After Market Shocks


The factory shocks that come on the crew cab are worthless after 10k miles. New shocks are a must if you are a crew cab owner. The most popular after market shock for the S-10 is the Bilstein. They are considered by most to be the highest quality shocks that you can buy. Some places charge 100 dollars for them. This is way too much. They usually run around 50 to 60 dollars. Here is a good place to get some. More info at

Performance Products

Another popular choice is Pro-Comp. This is by far an economic choice, as they only run 30 dollars a shock. I personally have Pro-Comp 9000's up front and I am pleased with them.

For those of you that are learning to work on the truck yourself, shocks are a good task to do yourself instead of paying someone 50-100 bucks to install them for you. The rears are the simplest. Remove the spare and climb underneath. Unbolt the old shock and the install the new one. It's that easy. The front is the same but harder to get too. Jack the truck up and take the front wheels off. Then unbolt the shocks and slide them out the bottom. It takes a bit longer than the rears. Then install the new ones. The front shocks will come with a bushing for the bolts to slide in when mounted.