Crew Cab Skid Plates


Every 4x4 S-10 or Blazer comes with skid plates. The crew cab is the first 4x4 model released with no skid plates. Since the crew cab sits on the same frame as the extended cabs do, all the skid plates off other S-10's will fit on our trucks.

Brule has researched and gathered all the information for us. He helped me find and put on all my plates.

There are 4 skid plates: Front, Engine or Front Differential, Transfer Case, Gas Tank. You can get the plates from other S-10 Ext. Cab 4x4's or you can order them from the dealer or from

Since Gm put a plastic front shield on their crew cabs, they left it up to the buyer to actually equip the truck with protection. And of course you can't just buy any shield because of the remote oil filter door.

The GM part number 1515-5700 SHIELD. It is available through Chuck Hutton Chevrolet for $79.08. You can order it straight off the web at

Here's the complete list from the dealer of what all you will need besides the plate. (I have not personally ordered any of these so I cannot confirm they are indeed the right parts, but they are straight off the GM parts break down at the dealer)

Qty. needed-1 Front Diff. Shield # 15038017 list $65
Qty. needed-2 Bracket (should include bolt and plate) # 15561150 list $12.12 ea.
Qty. needed-4 Torx Bolt # 14062942 list $6.30 ea.
Qty. needed-4 Plastic washer #15650965 list $0.67 ea.
Qty. needed-4 spring washer # 4722812 list $4.41
(You may also need some nuts , available cheaper at a hardware store)

The front of the plate installs into the cross member already on the truck. The back of the plate bolts into brackets that have to be installed. The bracket installation was easy. Just take the 2 bolts out of their location. The passenger side bolt will barely fit with the bracket added.

Transfer Case:

The GM part# is: 15038799 and cost $93
and you will need 3 self-tapping screws

Gas Tank:
The shield that I used was off of an 1986 ext. cab S-10. The only thing I had to order was a bracket that supports the front of the shield.
The part number for the fuel tank shield is 12495667 - price was $91.56
The bracket part number is: 15960535

Using the first gen parts there is also a support bar that will need to be modified just a little to work. I took the bar and I cut about 2.5" off one end and flattened it approx.. 1.5" at 90* to the other end, then bend it to 45* and drill a 3/8 hole.That's kind of a rough description.

So here are the list of parts that are needed:
The gas tank sheild & bolts,nuts..-off any s-10 4x4 ext. cab
The bracket-order from GM
The modified support bar-off any S-10 4x4 ext cab



This is the complete GM Shield package, less the fuel tank shield:
PART#  12496888



YEAR  98-01
QTY 01
Skid plate package image
Category: All
Description: SHIELD
Min.Qty: 1
Unit Price: $146.30
Quantity: 1
Ext.Price: $146.30
Core Charge: $0.00

SUB TOTAL: $146.30
SHIPPING: $29.26
TAX: $0.00


(The ZR2 front shield is different and will not work on crew cabs.)

You can use the aluminum , or the composite (fiberglasslike) shields.
The front steering shield needs to have the oil door , for access to the oil filter.

I'm not sure what year they re-located it. My guess would be '94-up S-series. The ZR2 front steering shield will not work as it is taller and shaped differently.

Left is Non-ZR2 and the right is a RPO ZR2 front steering shield. All the shields that fit look just like the stock plastic shield.The bolts for the stock plastic shield will work fine.

The front axle shield (engine shield) and brackets: '90-'9? have a rectangular hole for the oil drain plug on the old steel pans and require notching the rear, for our relocated drain plug. But it does fit. '98-up have the rear notch and no hole.

You will also need the two rear mounting brackets w/ at least one of the axle mount bolts and four mushroom headed torx bolts, w/ plastic isolators and spring washers. Any S-series 4x4 w/4.3L will work. The composite shield is about an inch thick.

The transfer case shield: I'm not sure all the years here, but '98-up for sure. The aluminum shield is shallower than the composite shield allowing about an inch more ground clearance. The autotrac transfercase requires a deeper sump as does the ZR2. Either will fit ours, but they hang down lower.

The one on the left is off of a RPO ZR2 and the one on the right off of a Non-ZR2. Ours fits pretty tight and the transfercase is tucked up higher than the rest. You will need the three self tapping screws w/washers for the back mount.

For those early models with a steel fuel tank there is a fuel tank shield: '84-up will work with the correct front bracket and modification of the support brace. It is a little tight on the rear tank strap , but works. '96-up is better because of the relief they added for the fuel tank strap. You will also need five self tapping screws for the frame attachments, one long bolt and nut to mount through the crossmember, two bolts and one nut for the front bracket and of course the front bar brace. '84-up S-series ex-cab pickup. I have seen composite fuel tank shields on some Blazers. I don't know if or what they might fit. It would be fun to try one.

If you are searching the wrecking yards, use the measurement from the trans mount holes to the rear mounting holes, as a reference for finding the right transfer case shield.

So I guess if the salvage yard has a '94-up S-series 4x4 it would be worth checking for all the shields. Most of the ones in my area do not inventory shields, so a phone call won't due. It requires a trip to the yard.