Rock Sliders

A common question: What is the difference between Nurf Bars and Rock Sliders. Well in a nut shell, Sliders are meant to slide accross rocks and are strong like the frame and Nurf Bars arent.

Both can serve some of the same purposes. They both act as a step, and protect the body from slinging rocks and protect from big rocks in the off-road. They also come in hand when in parking lots, idoits open their car door and instead of hititng your body and scratching it, the hit the sliders or nurbars.

But, when it comes down to strenght and realiabiltiy, Rock Sliders are the way to go. They can be bolted to the frame or welded. There are many designs: Round, Double Round, Square and Double Square. They are also most helpful when you have a flat or you need to get off of an obstacle. You can stick a Hi-Lift under them and jack the whole side of the truck up right from any point on the sliders. Also, if you were ever to be broadsided, the sliders would help take the blow instead of the body. Most Sliders are custom made. You can't just go to 4WP and buy some.

Well, luckily in my search for mine, I found Jason Demello. Jason usually builds off-road stuff for Toyotas. Mine was the first S-10 that he made sliders. He now sells them for all S-10's. You can order them and he can mail them to you. You can check out his web site for more info:

I recently took them off road and test the heck out of them. Countless times they saved my body from body damage. I used a Hi-Lift on them to get me off a rock. I pounded on them time and time again. They didn't budge. Jason Demello does quality work and I would recomend him to anyone.