Just thought I'd warn everyone doing a tune-up that our distributor housing is made of plastic.

I'm helping a friend tune-up his S-10, and came across the third distributor that I've seen cracked at the cap hold down screws.

When you pull the cap off be sure to clean all the blue threadlock compound out of the holes before you attempt to put the screws back in.

The threadlock compound tends to "bunch up" and when you re-install or use new screws it stresses the housing and cracks it. If this happens the forward hole usually breaks a piece out of the housing.

It is VERY hard to see, but if it feels like you stripped one of the holes, you broke it.

Cleaning the holes out is a royal PITA. I've been using a pick to clean them out, having had no luck in finding a metric self tapping screw thread chaser.

The rebuilt distributors from auto parts appear to have used JB weld , or something similar to repair them. Be prepared the rebuilt cost nearly $200. Shocked

If anyone knows of , or can find a thread chaser for these screws , PLEASE let me know!

Until then I may try to make something that will work, eventually.

Just a FYI Very Happy