Hot Feet Fix

If you can find vacuum schematics a few years back you will see that they added a vacuum actuator to the case called a "slave" valve, it has a grey hose going to it from the control head.

BUT this is only supposed to exist with AUTO CLIMATE CONTROL!

I can't find anything that shows operation for the "slave" door.
What happens on vehicles with C60 manual HVAC is that the door causes ambient air under pressure at the cowl to be forced through the heater core making it nice and toasty and cooking the driver's foot because the mode door rests in the "heat" position.

Here is what to do:

Open the glove box, lift up the wire hook and swing the door down. Now you will see right in front of you this actuator with the grey hose, take the grey hose off the vacuum actuator and plug the end of it so it won't hiss or leak, tie it back so it won't rattle around ,  Or I used one of those thin plastic vacuum line caps, put it over the nipple then put the line back on it, to plug the line and close the glove box.

You just fixed this concern, and if you think I am full of it, try all the other modes. They are TOTALLY unaffected by disconnecting that actuator, the heat is just as hot and the A/C is just as cold.

I think in the '96 manual comparing the vacuum scematics on C60 and whatever auto is on the utility you will see that the grey hose and the actuator are not supposed to exist on C60 manual HVAC vehicles.

I am not exactly sure what this "slave" door is supposed to do but I know when you turn the HVAC knob to Off it fries your feet.
I think someone sold them on the idea they could use one case for all units and neglected to mention that you'd have a few hundred thousand folks with burnt toes.