GM Rear Sway Bar


Here is a complete parts list for sway bar assembly:

  • Rear Sway Bar #15957475
  • Bushing #15697706-Qty-2
  • Bracket #15697708-Qty.-2
  • Clamp #15697709-Qty.-2
  • U Bolt #15152683-Qty.-2
  • Link Bolts #11508696-Qty.1(sold by the pack.)
  • Link Nuts #10255857-Qty.1(sold by the pack.)
  • Nut-Hex #11508101-Qty.1(sold by the pack.)
  • Link Asm #15697702-Qty.-2
  • Link Bracket #15989671-Qty.-1
  • Link Bracket #15989672-Qty.-1

    Blazers have the brackets welded to the crossmember ours are bolted to the shock mounts.

    The red circles are where you need to drill holes (make a template out of cardboard using the bracket) one hole is hard to get to I used a 12" long 3/8 " Bit. The bracket is outlined in red.

    It takes about an hour to drill the holes, an hour to install, 2 hrs to paint & detail.