Throttle Blade Diffuser removal
submitted by TAD aka. raven2510

Throttle Body Blade removal. First and foremost this does not add any HP!!! All it does is is give you much better throttle response.

List of tools:

T15 Torx Bit
Brake Parts cleaner
Dremel or other cutting tool
Adjustable Wrench
Vice or Clamp
Sandpaper or File
Liquid thread lock compound

Now the first step is to remove the air intake. Its held on by a clamp by the throttle body. After its removed it should look like this.

Now that we have it like this its time to remove those Torx screws. There are 2 of them. You can see them it the middle. Now once you have them removed. Grab the throttle cable bracket and pull it to WOT (Wide Open Throttle) like so. It should look like this. (After Pic)

Then Pull out the Throttle blade and it should look like this when its out. It will be very dirty and most likely have lots of carbon buildup.

It is time to cut. You need to cut along the red line pictured above. Then after you get done cutting file or sand down the burrs left from cutting. This is what you will be left with...its trash now.

Now is the time to clean the blade with brake cleaner. I just sprayed it on and wiped it off with a clean rag. Here is what you should have when you done.

Now its time to put everything back. The throttle blade will slide in the way it came out. Make sure you put it back the way it came out. Apply some liquid thread locking compound to the Torx screws and put them back in. Lightly torque the screws and close the throttle, checking for binding or sticking. If everything works smoothly and freely , gently tighten the screws. Don't tighten them as tight as you can...if you do it can stick. It should look like this when your done.

Then just reinstall your Air intake and now enjoy your much improved throttle response. When I did mine it made a HUGE difference. Acceleration is much smoother and it got rid of the lag when I hit the gas. I recommend it to every S10 owner.

Total time 30min.