Transmission Cooler

A Transmission Cooler is recommended by everyone if the trucks hauls anything more than just people. I never know when I will use mine to haul lumber, funrniture, or a boat. So I want to be prepared for when I do.

When hauling heavy loads or just driving in mountainous terrain, the transmission can get damaged by overheating. The answer is a transmission cooler. This is a simple modification that will take about 30 minutes. Note: When pulling a trailer, You should ALWAYS have your transmission put into 3rd.

Any transmission cooler from summit or jegs or wherever will install easy. I got a medium gage. Don't go to the dealer for this mod, they will charge you up to$ 450. I paid 40 bucks for mine and installed it in 30 minutes. First, open the hood and pull back the grill. The grill has 10 pull clips that detach by just pulling on them. There are a few near the hood latch (start there), then pull out on the amber lights on the side. You will have to detach the blinker lights on either side of the truck. The whole grill will come off as one piece.

Now that it is off, attach the cooler to the front using the straps provided with the kit. I took the battery out so I could get to the return hose better. Take a hack saw and cut the return line from the radiator. It is a aluminum line that comes out right under the radiator cap. Then connect the 2 hoses to the lines. You will have to make some holes in the plastic and wedge the hoses between some metal to get them through to the cooler mounted in front. Once you have connected the hoses to the cooler, inspect the cooler mounting and lines for mistakes. Thats it. Some people add a little bit of transmission fluid after the install. Check your level and see if you need to.